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Datwyler Sealing Solutions, Inc.
875 Center Drive
Vandalia, OH 45377 
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(800) 227-3539
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(937) 890-4905
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Through twenty-plus years of working on industry specific applications and backed with innovative management, technical and production personnel, Datwyler has continued to offer its customers solutions that give them a competitive advantage in today's market place. Please feel free to contact one of our technical representatives today to discuss your custom molding needs.

Customer Service » Yvette Michael
Department Manager

Phone: alewis@columbiaerd.com x18
Direct Email: Yvette@columbiaerd.com
Customer Service » Molly Shively
Senior Account Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x122
Direct Email: mshively@columbiaerd.com
Customer Service » Amanda Eddy
Account Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x116
Direct Email: aeddy@columbiaerd.com
Sales » Jon Oleksyk
Sales Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x119
Direct Email: joleksyk@columbiaerd.com
Sales » Kurt Wehner
Sr. Financial Analyst

Phone: 937.387.2800 x113
Direct Email: kwehner@columbiaerd.com
Sales » Bryan Bueltel
General Manager & Co President

Phone: 937.387.2800 x115
Direct Email: bbueltel@columbiaerd.com
Engineering » Mark Bueltel
Engineering Manager & Co President

Phone: 937.387.2800 x112
Direct Email: mbueltel@columbiaerd.com
Accounting » Tammy Hurley
Accounts Payable & Receivable

Phone: 937.387.2800 x111
Direct Email: thurley@columbiaerd.com
Accounting » Denise DaGiau
Accounting Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x130
Direct Email: ddagiau@columbiaerd.com
Quality » Nikkol Wickline
Quality Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x117
Direct Email: nwickline@columbiaerd.com
Quality » Carolyn Gilden
Sr. Quality Technician

Phone: 937.387.2800 x123
Direct Email: cgilden@columbiaerd.com
Customer Service » Chelsea Sharp
Account Manager

Phone: 937.387.2800 x114
Direct Email: alewis@columbiaerd.com
General Inquiries » General Contact
Phone: 937.387.2800
Fax: 937.890.4905
Direct Email: info@columbiaerd.com
General Inquiries » Customer Service
Phone: 937.387.2800
Fax: 937.890.4905
Direct Email: custserv@columbiaerd.com
General Inquiries » Sales
Phone: 937.387.2800
Fax: 937.890.4905
Direct Email: sales@columbiaerd.com
General Inquiries » Engineering
Phone: 937.387.2800
Fax: 937.890.4905
Direct Email: engineering@columbiaerd.com
General Inquiries » Quality
Phone: 937.387.2800
Fax: 937.890.4905
Direct Email: quality@columbiaerd.com
Sales » Matt Johns
Financial Analyst

Phone: 937.387.2800 x121
Direct Email: mjohns@columbiaerd.com
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