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Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. is a leader in providing OEM customers with a 'single point of contact' solution for all of their molded rubber and related needs including custom molded rubber components to customer design and specifications, standard and custom molded o-rings and seals, and custom rubber to metal bonded components.

Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. was founded in 1980 with a discipline of advance rubber materials, molded rubber manufacturer processes and engineering and design services. As a leading molded rubber manufacturer Columbia utilizes the latest in computer controlled manufacturing, testing and quality equipment to produce industry leading molded rubber components.  Our team's passion is to deliver zero defect rubber products to our customer's exact specifications while maintaining competitive pricing necessary to ensure our customer's success in today's marketplace.

The Engineering and Technical Group at Columbia Engineered Rubber, Inc. works seamlessly with customers to design molded rubber seals and molded rubber components and select the best compound, or formulate custom compounds, to ensure each rubber component meets the application performance requirements. Proving to our customers we are a 'single source' molded rubber manufacturer able to excel at even the most demanding product requirements.
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